• Berliner-wiesse Started by Fuzzy
    I'd like to try my hand at a sour mash. I'm aiming to make something similar to Oarsman Ale from ...
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  • apple ale? Started by frydogbrews
    Anybody tried these apple ales that around in the stores now? What do you think they are? I ...
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  • PIneapple Wine Started by Thym @frydogbrews how did that pineapple wine turn out?
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  • Belgian beer styles Started by Thym This discussion was created from comments split from: Need Help Brewing Beer?.
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  • Persimmons Started by Benvarine
    Anyone use persimmons in brewing or wine? Or maybe mead? This has been a great season in Missouri. ...
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  • Single hopped pale or IPA Started by Benvarine
    I brewed an all Amarillo pale ale, turned out ok, but not real complex in taste. Went to the STL ...
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  • Wee Heavy Priming Question Started by jlw
    I split this beer into two batches. 2.5 gallons each. Just checked the calculator and it says i need .2 ...
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  • hop stability vs higher ABV Started by frydogbrews
    ok folks, the styles i have made the most of are ipa's and iipas. i have noticed something interesting over the ...
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  • Recommendations for a SMaSH? Started by C_B
    I want to do a SMaSH. Mainly because I want to learn more about how individual hops and malts stand ...
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  • Style guidelines Started by Fuzzy Here's the link to the style guidelines from the BJCP. http://www.bjcp.org/docs/2008_stylebook.pdf
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