Hot Side Aeration - Pepper Beer
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    Recipe Type All Grain
    Batch Size 10 gal
    Volume Boiled 12 gal
    Mash Efficiency 82 %
    Total Grain/Extract 25.00 lbs
    Total Hops 3.5 oz

    18 lbs American 2-row
    2 lbs Belgian Cara-Pils
    5 lbs American Caramel 10°L

    1.0 oz Chinook (Whole, 9.6 %AA) boiled 35 min.
    .5 oz Chinook (Whole, 9.6 %AA) boiled 20 min.
    1 oz Willamette (Whole, 6.9 %AA) boiled 5 min.
    1 oz Willamette (Whole, 6.9 %AA) boiled 1 min.

    .25 lb. Cayenne Peppers (fresh, medium sized) (not included in calculations)
    .75 lb. Jalapeno Peppers (fresh, medium sized) (not included in calculations)
    .25 lb. Hungarian Yellow Peppers (fresh, medium) (not included in calculations)

    Yeast : Wyeast 2565 Kolsch Yeast

    Execute all-grain mashing as traditional (165 deg, etc.).
    Add hops per schedule.
    Now on to the peppers.
    Of the 3 peppers I use, the order of heat is Cayenne, Jalapeno, and Hungarian.
    The Hungarian peppers look like yellow elongated bell peppers and are very mild in heat and flavor.
    Use approximately 75% of the peppers during the brewing process..using all of the cayenne and hungarian, and about 1/2 of the jalapeno.
    You can slice or rip apart the peppers.
    Ripping them apart releases more oils than cutting the peppers (don't rub your eyes!!!).
    Add the peppers in the last 3 minutes of the boil.
    Save the boiled peppers and (now that they are sanitized) place them into the primary.
    When transfering to the secondary ferment, slice/rip up the remaining jalapeno peppers, boil them in about 3 cups of water then add them to the secondary.

    Original Gravity 1.069
    Terminal Gravity 1.017
    Color 9.80 °SRM
    Bitterness 18.1 IBU
    Alcohol (%volume) 6.8 %
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    Any tasting notes?
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    sorry nope no tasting notes
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    Well was it a good balance?
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    yes it was give it a try it was awsome
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