Oatmeal Rye Stout
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    I made this a few months back with the last of many bags of stuff (can you tell?) I wrote the recipe on the back of an envelope, which some how, I just found.
    OG 1.070 (maybe a littler higher)
    ABV about 7%
    OG: you can work it out
    IBU: I don't remember, but likely about 22-25
    Mash temp: 152
    Batch size: ~4gal

    2 row US- 7.5lb
    Roasted Barley- 7oz
    Biscuit- 12oz
    Crystal 80- 22.9oz
    Choc. Rye malt- 16.6oz
    Victory- 16oz
    Dextine malt- 8.4oz
    Malted Oats- 8.9oz

    Hops: I don't know anymore, but not much.

    Yeast: WLP028

    Fermented in primary until all sings of life ceased. Then racked to 3gal carboy filled to the neck (extra was put in a 1gal carboy and not aged as much). The 3 gal was aged in secondary for about 4 months and bottled. Some how it bottle carbed in a week, I don't know how.
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