ICB Chocolate Raspberry Stout
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    This beer is part of the Brew Kit Quarterly subscription as an Extract version. The flavor and composition of the beer is virtually identical in both extract and all-grain versions.

    Description: A relatively dry chocolate raspberry stout. Body is present but not heavy. Head pours a thick cascade of tiny dark bubbles that are mesmerizing to watch. Raspberry undertones come forward with aging, as some of the chocolate bitterness fades. This beer is delicious right out the gate, but definitely ages well. Chocolate is complex and definitely provides a good portion of the bitterness and adds to the dry finish of the beer. This is one of my personal favorites.

    Batch Size: 10 gal
    Boil Volume: 12 gal
    Mash Temp: 155 degF
    Yeast: British Ale Yeast WLP005
    Boil Gravity:1.055
    OG: 1.057
    FG: 1.012
    SRMb: 40.7
    IBU: 27.4
    % ABV (Miller): 6.00%

    Grain Bill:
    NameAmount (lbs)% Grain Bill
    American 2-Row Barley1565%
    Carastan (Crystal), 1514%
    Crystal 60313%
    Black Patent Malt29%
    Chocolate Malt29%

    Boil Additions:
    Hops TypeAlpha Acid ContentAmount (oz)Boil Time
    Centennial8.0%1.5 60
    Saaz (U.S.)5.8%0.530
    Cascade (U.S.)5.4%0.2515
    Saaz (U.S.)5.8%0.2515
    Mt. Hood5.2%0.751
    Chocolate (Bakers)5oz15min

    Post Boil Additions:
    Raspberry Puree Approx. 1.5 lbs or 2.5 cups.
    Vanilla Extract 1oz

    Mash: Single infusion mash at 152-155 DegF.

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