C_B's pale ale, my opinion
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    So, i cracked this bottle open. I'll admit, i had some preconceived notions from years of conversation about people's various tastes. I assumed this would be a little more malty than i like.

    Then i poured it.

    This beer poured a golden straw color, like late season straw. My eyebrows went up.....that doesn't usually equal malty at all.

    This brew was delicious. seriously delicious. it had all the things i like. It was very very clean flavored, none of that muddy, filthy english yeast garbage. It was bitter. Like, "ooooo...mama" bitter. I really think the flavors are spot on. This is a easily a beer i would spend 6-7 bucks on a six pack regularly. solidly in the american pale ale category, definitely not an IPA, but really, still very delicious. It has a very assertive hop profile.

    Damn fine work, good sir. Damn fine work.
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    Boy I was worried after that first sentence...

    Thanks for the great review!
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