Chilled Italian octopus salad
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    Nonna Santoro's insalata di polpo recipe.

    1 or more octopus (4 to 5 pounds) nonna said the smaller ones were more tender....
    4 stalks celery, medium diced
    4 lemons, juiced
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    3/4 red onion, medium diced
    1 tablespoon flat leaf Italian parsley, chopped
    Olive oil
    Salt and pepper, to taste
    In large stock pot (outside if possible to keep from stinking up your house) boil octopus until tender (1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours). Take out and let cool. When cool, clean and slice. In a large bowl, add celery, juice from the lemons, garlic, onion, parsley, and sprinkle with olive oil. Mix well and season salad with salt and pepper. Refrigerate several hours or overnight to allow flavors to blend. Remove from bowl and serve at room temperature/slightly chilled.

    This recipe is a favorite of mine, the measurements were never exact (add enough so it tastes right). I was introduced to this recipe by my father-in-law Giuseppe (RIP) when my wife and I were first dating, he was thrilled I loved all foods and quickly took me under his wing to teach me the recipes from his childhood in Bari, Italy. From the family meatball recipe to a simple tomato, pepper and olive dish meant to be served family style around a couple loaves of bread for dipping.

    His love for cooking, a bit of drinking fine cognac and whiskey, along with good conversation has left it's mark on me and how dinner is served in our house.


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    I've not had cooked octopus as far as I can remember. Raw octopus sushi is like an amalgamation of rubber and leather. Good FIL story. Great indeed that he would pass on family recipes.
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  • scoobscoob
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    Octopus sushi actually uses poached or blanched octopus, so it is tougher than a long cooked octopus.
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    i'd eat it, but i'm not making it myself.
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    i love octopus, but if you cook it for more than 30 seconds, then you need to cook it for two hours. the time between it is rubber. Squid works the same way. i opt to cook it super fast rather than long, you preserve a little more flavor that way. blanch for 20 second and then into an ice bath to stop cooking.
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    Thanks for sharing this ... and the story ..with us!
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    No. I grew up in middle 'Merika and octopus scurrs me.
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    C_B said:

    No. I grew up in middle 'Merika and octopus scurrs me.

    it's meh. squid is tasty. octopus is close, but tougher.
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    scoob, we're practically paisano

    got a Europe trip in the pipeline - parents have been to our place of origin a few times now - San Giuliano, I believe 2.5 hours south east of Rome - little village with a church my grandfather built where all the little old "mamas" cook massive feasts on a little-old single burner. Anything from the sea or with the sauce is alright by me . . .