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    Howdy all!

    I have been brewing off and on for about a decade, and nonstop since January 2006. I started because you didn't have to be 21 to buy beer ingedients and soon discovered I could make beer better than I could afford to buy at the time.

    In the last five years my brewing went from extract, to ag in a cooler, to a three-tier gravity system, to a single-tier pump system. It's all been crude but functional. My brewing quantity has reduced recently, but that has rejuvenated my love for the craft.

    My experience is practical, extensive, and hands-on, but I still find myself learning more and more everyday about the brewing art.

    Let us brew.

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    Welcome! Good to see old friends here!
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    I feel that practical brewing experience is where the real craft is. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences with the various brewery systems you've used. Sounds like you've got experience with most!

    And of course we welcome build threads!
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