saison fermentation
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    a question from the tweetosphere:

    J Lee ‏@38thparalell 10h
    @HomeBrewForums1 saison question. After 10 days my gravity is only down to 1.012. Should be below 1.010. Jacked temp to 95 any other ideas?

    HomeBrewForums ‏@HomeBrewForums1 10s
    @38thparalell saisons can be finicky, there's usually a variety of bugs in a saison blend that work at thier own pace, give it time.

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  • jlwjlw
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    I would have given him the same advice. Be patient. Probably needs 4 weeks in primary at elevated temps.
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    3-4 weeks in primary, depending on the yeast used, some work faster than others..
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