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    Hey, I thought I should introduce myself, My name is Jason, and I've been brewing for several years.

    I love the hobby.

    I started out like most brewing extract kits from a local HBS, but quickly moved into designing my own brews. I have since transitioned to all-grain for my brewing. I'll be posting a build thread that documents some of the lessons learned in the process. At this point I have reached a level of competence to make repeatable brews. Being able to repeat a recipe and having it taste the same is actually quite an accomplishment, a lot of home brewers can't claim this. They may make an award winning brew once in a while, but it's hit and miss. I have focused on consistency.

    For those new to the hobby, consistency is only achieved through careful control of all three aspect of the brewing and fermenting processes. Time - Temperature and Ingredients. You need to be able to "control" these three factors to get consistency. If you are having trouble getting your recipes to taste the same let me know, I'll help you find the variable in your process.

    Anyway, I hope you find the site informative and the community helpful, and always feel free to contact me with any suggestions on how to make the site more useful to you.

    Happy Brewing!
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