Rouge Dead Guy Ale Method: Extract
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    Recipe: Rouge Dead Guy Ale Method: Extract
    Starting Gravity: 1.068 Ending Gravity: 1.011
    Alcohol Content: 7% Yield: 5 Gallons

    Total Malts: 10.25 lbs
    Hop IBUs: 49
    Malts/Sugars: 9.25 lbs Light Malt Syrup
    1 lb Crystal 20lv
    Hops: 1 oz Perle Hops 8% alpha 90 min.
    .5 oz Saaz Hops 3% alpha 10 min.

    Yeast: Wyeast Pacman Ale Yeast

    Notes: Add 1 tsp of Irish Moss to the Last 20 min of the boil.

    When the fermentation is complete, store at 40-50 degrees F for two weeks then bottle.

    Brewing Instructions: Steep Specialty Grains in water and bring to 150 degrees F.

    Remove from heat and steep for 15min.

    Remove the grains and bring water to a boil.

    Add Extract and bittering hops.

    Keep at a rolling boil for 60min(unless another time is specified).

    Add hops at time listed above.

    Cool Wort below 80 Degrees F and place in primary fermentor.

    Stir Vigorously for a few minutes to airate.

    Then pitch Yeast.

    Ferment for 3-5 days (for Lagers 5-7 days) in Primary fermentor then transfer to secondary.

    Ferment for 7-10 days(for Lagers 10-14 days).

    For actual fermentation time check the specific gravity.

    Transfer to bottling vessel and add priming sugar, mix and bottle.

    Store bottles at 65-70 degrees for two weeks to carbonate.
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