Little Bear British Bitter (AG)
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    Little Bear British Bitter

    OG: 1.046
    FG:   1.011
    ABV: 4.5%
    IBU: 34
    SRM: 12
    Mash Temp: 152 Degrees F
    Yeast:  Wyeast 1056 Slurry (House Yeast)

    Recipe Calculated at 75% Efficiency for 5 gallons.

    Grain Bill:
    Maris Otter  7.25 lbs.  85.3%
    Aromatic .5 lbs. 5.9%
    Crystal 120  .5 lbs.  5.9%
    Crystal 60 .25 lbs 2.9%

    Willamette 1.8 oz. 4.8% aa. 60 min.  30 IBU's
    Willamette  .5 oz. 4.8% aa. 15 min.    4 IBU's
    Willamette  .5 oz. 4.8% aa.  1 min.     0 IBU's

    This bitter turned out to be a wonderful blend of herbal hops and light caramel sweetness.  If there's one thing that bugs be about a beer, it's a lack of balance and I would definitely say that balance is a strong point of this beer.  Happy Brewing!


    Disclaimer: This is my first shot at sharing one of my recipes online so if anyone has any pointers on any more information they'd like me to share, I'd be happy to help!