Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA
  • jlwjlw
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    I like it. Well balanced ipa. Just enough malt to time down the hops just a smidge. But still hoppy enough for a hop head. Hops used are citra, simcoe and centennial.
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  • ThymThym
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    ill be trying this
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  • C_BC_B
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    mmmmmm I love me some centennial and some citra.
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  • BenSBenS
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    I bought this. It's pretty tasty. For an ipa.

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  • JayrizzleJayrizzle
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    That sounds great. I usually like the SN stuff, and usually love the mid color stuff they make. I'll be trying it as soon as I find it...well as soon as I get it to the liquid store parking lot.
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