Induction heating in brewing
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    We've uploaded a primer on induction heating for brewing, this is an efficient and safe heating method that we're big fans of, Bru Gear has designed a complete range of induction kettles from 5 gallons to 2BBL in volume.

  • frydogbrewsfrydogbrews
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    I have an induction stove that i love. I wonder about an induction element that could handle the weight of anything more than 5 gallons. They all have glass tops and ten gallons of water on a glass stovetop is a quick way to crack it.

    Induction heating is WAY more efficient and faster, plus, at least on my stove, you can set the exact heat to keep the water at. I can tell it to hold the water at 165 and it will. I have checked with thermometers. i've never brewed beer on it because of the weight issue, but i have made taffy and other things like that that require strict temperature control.
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    It depends where you live. It's a lot more efficient to use gas than to use gas to make steam that runs a turbine which drives a generator which puts power into a 500 mile copper wire to your induction heater. The efficiency of a fully submerged element (like in a water heater) is also better than that of induction heaters.
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    Is there a commercial induction stove for a 15g kettle? I see they are expensive, over $1000. Seldom do I see a weight rating on them.