Prepping fruit for beer
  • BenvarineBenvarine
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    This came to mind in another thread, but if you add fruit to a beer, how do you do it?

    I just brewed a blackberry wit. I had fresh picked blackberries and froze them. I then pulled them from the freezer and rinsed in water. Then placed in colander and flushed with star san. Then added to empty Carboy. Racked beer on top of that.

    What's your method?
  • ThymThym
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    i sanitize using one of a few methods, depending on the fruit and condition, then mash the fruit up to a puree and pitch it into the secondary.
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  • frydogbrewsfrydogbrews
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    Even though i am against fruit in beer (unless it's a lambic or Kriek or something) i do the same thing as you described before adding fruit to a secondary in wine.
  • JayrizzleJayrizzle
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    It's really only good in a lambic thing so I don't bother sanitizing. Just remove the peal in a semi sanitary environment. Or just toss it in and don't bother adding yeast.... depends what you're going for.
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