Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Evan_BEvan_B
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    Brewed up 3 gals of a Cascadian Dark Ale today. This was my second time using the new mash tun cooler, and my first time trying a step infusion mash. I was very happy as I achieved nearly 80% efficiency with the step mash compared to 68% efficiency in the past with single infusions. In addition, I wanted to try my hand at late addition hops, just late addition hops.

    OG - 1.058
    IBU - approx 63
    38 SRM apparently

    4.35 lb (59%) Pale Ale malt
    1.63 lb (22%) Munich
    0.41 lb (6%) CaraVienne
    0.28 lb (4%) Chocolate Rye
    0.15 lb (2%) Flaked Barley

    0.5 lb (7%) Carafa III (dehusked) - cold steeped for 45 minutes for color

    Protein rest at 133F for 15 minutes with 1.67 gal strike water
    - added 0.46 gals of boiling water to bring temp to 146, rest for 30 minutes
    - add 0.6 gals boiling water to bring temp up to 154, rest for 30 minutes
    - Sparge with 2 gal (two 1 gal batch sparge)

    0.5 oz Norther Brewer 9.4%aa 15 min
    0.5 oz Centennial 8.7%aa 15 min
    0.5 oz Columbus 13.9%aa 10 min
    1.00 oz Columbus 13.9%aa 5 min
    0.5 oz Northern Brewer 9.4%aa 5 min
    0.5 oz Centennial 8.7%aa 5 min
    1.00 oz Centennial 8.7%aa 0 min
    1.00 oz Northern Brewer 9.4%aa 0 min
    0.5 oz Columbus 13.9%aa 0 min

    Pitched 120 bil cells (approximately) of WLP004

    Being my first time with the step mash, I was very surprised how smooth everything went. Hit my temps dead on (except for two degrees during my beta-amylase rest). The only problem is my chiller is not nearly as effective since moving. The ground water is not very cool, and I struggled to get the wort below 81 degrees. I finally gave up, put the wort (in fermentor) into my chest freezer chamber and let the freezer do work on it, which actually worked pretty well, but a new chiller will be my next home project.
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  • FuzzyFuzzy
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    you might need a pre-chiller, especially if your ground water isn't colder than your ferm temp.
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  • Evan_BEvan_B
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    I was thinking of trying that as well. Mt current chiller uses pretty thin copper tube, as it was cheap at the time. I will definitely need something with a little more surface area, and can then use my current chiller as a pre-chiller.
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  • ceanntceannt
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    I like the northern brewer hops in this... should have a nice flavor profile
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