Goose Island anniversary ale
  • FuzzyFuzzy
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    I picked up a six pack of Goose Island's 25 anniversary ale, an esb, and I have to admit that is pretty good!


    Appearance: As you can see from the picture I took off google, this beer has a nice, rich auburn (yes i did have to look that word up) color and a nice creamy head that laces well.

    Aroma: Exactly what comes to my mind when you say english esb, bready/biscuit notes with some malty toffee in the background.

    Flavor: Very much like the aroma. There is a nice toffee/malty flavor up front that finishes crisp and dry. The english hops support the malt perfectly, without either getting in the way or going undetected. They managed to get a very nice english ester profile.

    Overall: A very nice, classic example of a beer from a brewery that tends to brew for the masses. I wish it weren't a one off; it's much better than they're normal esb (honkers ale). I need to go pick some more up before it's all gone.
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  • ceanntceannt
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    Oh yum .....
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  • BenSBenS
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    Agreed, I'll be getting some soon. 4 or 6 packs?
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  • FuzzyFuzzy
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    six packs.
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  • BenvarineBenvarine
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    I have a keg of it now. Good stuff.