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  • Recipe these ingredients Started by C_B
    2 row malt Light wheat malt C-60 malt Fuggles Nugget EKG The hops are pretty old, I'm assuming they're ok but ...
    74 comments Most recent by C_BJanuary 2016Recipes
  • I need a recipe. Started by Fuzzy
    I'd like to brew this weekend in order to build up a nice sized yeast cake for a marzen or ...
    Answered ✓ 23 comments Most recent by FuzzyAugust 2014Recipes
  • IRS beer Started by Jerry
    If you use extract or have an extract efficiency less that 70% you may use 1040A If you use extract or ...
    11 comments Most recent by JerryMarch 2014Recipes
  • Scottish ale Started by Jerry
    12 lbs of golden promise 3oz of roast barley (home roasted, a little on the light side) 2oz peat smoked malt. Over hopped ...
    6 comments Most recent by C_BMarch 2014Recipes
  • What to brew with these ingredients? Started by C_B
    6 lbs Vienna 5 lbs Boheniam Pilsner 5 lbs Light Wheat 12 oz Special B 10 oz Crystal 60 8 oz Victory 6 oz Midnight Wheat 4 ...
    71 comments Most recent by JerryJanuary 2014Recipes
  • Rye Saison Started by Evan_B
    Found some extra time to squeeze in a small brew tomorrow. It is getting warmer out, so I thought I ...
    45 comments Most recent by ceanntJuly 2013Recipes
  • Bière de Garde : All Grain : 23 L Started by Lothos
    Bière de Garde : All Grain : 23 L Ingredients (All Grain, 23 L) 0.3 kg Crystal Malt ...
    4 comments Most recent by ceanntJune 2013Recipes
  • Treacle Started by Thym This discussion was created from comments split from: Scottish Stout.
    21 comments Most recent by ceanntApril 2013Recipes
  • Apple cinnamon beer recipe help Started by Benvarine
    I need your creative help. Our local brew club has a tournament every year, the Iron Brewer. A take on ...
    69 comments Most recent by BenvarineApril 2013Recipes
  • Experimental Brews Started by Thym
    There have been a few things that have come up recently that cross the line between "trying something new" and ...
    67 comments Most recent by CZsApril 2013Recipes
  • Daisy Cutter IPA Started by Lothos
    8.5 lbs American 2-row .5 lbs American Caramel 10°L 1.0 lbs American Caramel 40°L .5 lbs Pacific Northwest Wheat 1 lbs American Munich 1.25 oz ...
    3 comments Most recent by LothosApril 2013Recipes
  • 100% Brett B (Wyeast 5112) Beer Started by mors
    So I needed to pitch some brett into a few beers to use it as a secondary yeast strain. ...
    9 comments Most recent by BenSMarch 2013Recipes
  • German hallertau IPA or Pale Started by Benvarine
    Anyone have or could suggest a recipe for a German IPA or Pale ale using all or mostly hallertau, around ...
    30 comments Most recent by ceanntJanuary 2013Recipes
  • Categorize your recipes Started by C_B
    Lakewood has given us some style breakdown in the recipe section. Most of the recipes are relatively straight forward. But ...
    14 comments Most recent by jlwDecember 2012Recipes
  • Carafa Brown Started by BenS
    I've been craving hoppy, bitter beers lately so I came up with this recipe on a whim. Not much malt ...
    12 comments Most recent by FuzzyDecember 2012Recipes
  • BeerSmith Conversions Started by Benvarine
    I have just started using BeerSmith. Seems great, but I am having some trouble n regards to quantity of grain ...
    39 comments Most recent by jlwApril 2012Recipes
  • Spring Tonic Started by Lothos
    INGREDIENTS FOR 1 BBL OF FINISHED WORT 54 lb pale malt 14 lb flaked ...
    7 comments Most recent by ThymApril 2012Recipes
  • Convert a Simple Hefe from extract to AG help Started by C_B This discussion was created from comments split from: the Down Under.
    27 comments Most recent by scoobMarch 2012Recipes
  • Banana Bread Ale? Started by Thym
    @lothos Just saw your post in the the brewlog.... what's the banana bread ale? I'm really intrigued... Do you ...
    Answered ✓ 19 comments Most recent by ThymJanuary 2012Recipes
  • Post your Recipes Started by jlw
    If you want to drive some traffic, posting clone recipes might be a good way to do that. When I ...
    4 comments Most recent by ThymNovember 2011Recipes