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  • CiderBomb! How far will it go? Started by jeepinjeepin
    It has begun! I'm gonna step feed this cider until it quits. To begin I'm starting small so it can ...
    200 comments Most recent by CurlyFatMay 28Recipes
  • Olde Ceannt’s Holiday Hybrid Hooch Started by ceannt
    (original recipe) 3-gallons unfiltered apple juice (straight from the orchard) 3-pounds LME 3-pounds Honey 1.5-pound Crystal Malt 60 0.50-oz EKG Hops, 15-min. (optional, I suggest ...
    61 comments Most recent by ceanntDecember 2013Recipes
  • Strawberry Melomel Started by Ace_Club
    Just brewed this up last night: 5 gal batch: 15# clover honey 8# diced strawberries (frozen and then thawed) Yeast Nutrient Yeast Energizer 2 packets of ...
    32 comments Most recent by FuzzyAugust 2013Recipes
  • my kickazz cider Started by Lothos
    5 gal 100% apple juice 3 LBs corn sugar 2 cups splenda 2 bottles agave nectar 4 cinnamon sticks 3-4 cloves 4-6 allspice 1 pkg red ...
    28 comments Most recent by jeepinjeepinFebruary 2013Recipes
  • Cranberry Cyser: Started by Ace_Club
    Ingredients for 1/2 Gallon+: 1/2 gallon Apple Juice 1.5 pounds Honey 1 12 ounce can of frozen Cranberry Juice concentrate (no preservatives) Yeast I find ...
    39 comments Most recent by Ace_ClubJanuary 2013Recipes
  • Fresh Orchard Juice or Store Bought? Started by jlw
    Is there any difference? I read through the guide and I didn't see much of a difference other than the ...
    7 comments Most recent by scoobSeptember 2012Recipes
  • easy mead recipe Started by frydogbrews
    it is time for honey to be in abundance, so go make mead! here is the simplest version i make. 5 gal's ...
    8 comments Most recent by ceanntJuly 2012Recipes
  • Spring Melomel receipe Started by Benvarine
    Who's got an easy Melomel receipe for me. Made my first mead, bottling Monday, and I want to start another ...
    21 comments Most recent by FuzzyJune 2012Recipes
  • quick and easy Cyser Started by frydogbrews
    4.5 gallons 100% apple juice 1/2 gallon mixed berry 100% juice (ocean spray is what i use) 6 pounds honey toss in 5 ...
    3 comments Most recent by frydogbrewsJanuary 2012Recipes