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  • bock design and build thread Started by Jerry
    I had planned on using dark Munich, but they only had light at the brew shop. And the best lager ...
    19 comments Most recent by FuzzyNovember 2013Bock
  • The Debacle ("De-Bock-Ale") Started by ceannt
    Debacle “De-Bock-Ale” Specialty Beer category…. Passing resemblance to a Dopplebock brewed as an Ale. Note: Warning, the process is as critical as ...
    33 comments Most recent by ceanntOctober 2012Bock
  • Rouge Dead Guy Ale Method: Extract Started by Lothos
    Recipe: Rouge Dead Guy Ale Method: Extract Starting Gravity: 1.068 Ending Gravity: 1.011 Alcohol Content: 7% Yield: 5 Gallons Total Malts: 10.25 lbs ...
    1 comment Started by LothosMarch 2012Bock
  • Rye Humorator All-grain Started by Lothos
    Rye Humorator All-grain Color Stats OG 1.110 FG 1.028 IBU 33 ABV 10.60 % SRM 15 BJCP Style 14C. Bock, Doppelbock Boil Volume 5.00 gallons Boil Time 180 minutes Batch Size 2.50 gallons Yeast Saflager S-23 (75% app. attenuation) Style Comparison Low ...
    1 comment Started by LothosMarch 2012Bock