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  • Stone Brewing East Coast Operation - Richmond, VA Started by Thym
    According to this article in the Times Dispatch of Richmond, Stone Brewing has selected the Richmond site for the eastern ...
    13 comments Most recent by C_BOctober 2014News
  • KickStarter for stainless steel kettles & Fermenters Started by BruGear
    BruGear are the creators of the ProBoiler™ range of professional quality stainless steel brew kettles and fermenters, designed from the ...
    17 comments Most recent by CurlyFatJanuary 2014News
  • Rogue Sale Started by Thym If you want to get some Rogue brewing swag, now's a good time.
    2 comments Most recent by JerryNovember 2013News
  • Hops Direct Sale Started by Thym
    SAVE THE DATE: Black Friday, November 29th BREWERS: Don't miss out on our Black Friday Hop Sale Here's the scoop on the ...
    8 comments Most recent by JerryNovember 2013News
  • Learn To Homebrew Day Started by Thym
    Join us at 10am Eastern The American Homebrewers Association's Learn To Homebrew Day is coming up on November 2nd, and ...
    3 comments Most recent by scoobOctober 2013News
  • Tapatalk Update Started by Thym
    A new version of tapatalk has been installed. It should resolve several of the issues that had been seen recently. Please ...
    6 comments Most recent by ThymOctober 2013News
  • Beer cicerone program! Started by scoob This discussion was created from comments split from: TKT - No Holds Barred.
    3 comments Most recent by C_BAugust 2013News
  • Best brewery promotion EVER! Started by frydogbrews
    6 comments Most recent by ThymAugust 2013News
  • humulone and colds Started by frydogbrews the above article states that some study, sponsored by Sapporo, has found that hops have a combative effect of the ...
    12 comments Most recent by ThymDecember 2012News
  • great craft beer article by Papazian and St. Louis' own Dan Kopman Started by frydogbrews
    9 comments Most recent by C_BDecember 2012News
  • BJCP Cider Judging Exam Committee Input Started by Thym
    Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 14:14:54 -0500 From: "David Houseman" < david.houseman at > Subject: Cider Exam Committee The BJCP has posted ...
    6 comments Most recent by frydogbrewsNovember 2012News
  • i dry june bugged a beer Started by frydogbrews
    so i just kegged the other 5 gals of my latest ipa. i let that one dry hop for ...
    5 comments Most recent by ceanntOctober 2012News
  • share the love Started by Thym
    Now's the time! Make your plans for  Learn to Homebrew Day, November 3. If you're handy with a hydrometer, organize ...
    2 comments Most recent by C_BOctober 2012News
  • GABF Results Started by Thym
    You might have heard about this beer festival they hold in Denver each year. Well, did you realize that the ...
    1 comment Started by ThymOctober 2012News