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GABF Results
  • ThymThym
    Posts: 106,502

    You might have heard about this beer festival they hold in Denver each year. Well, did you realize that the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) has a special category for homebrew recipes, scaled up on a professional system? Now in its seventh year, the GABF Pro-Am Competition saw a record number of entries—94 different beers—and here are the winners:

    Gold: More Fun Blonde, New Belgium Brewing Co., Fort Collins, Colo.

    Brewmaster: New Belgium Brewing Co., AHA Member: Jay Shambo

    Silver: Pointon's Proper - An English Mild, RAM Restaurant and Brewery - Wheeling, Ill.

    Brewmaster: Lanny Fetzer, AHA Member: Scott Pointon

    Bronze: Classic American Pilsner, Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, Minn.

    Brewmaster: Mike Hoops, AHA Member: Kyle Sisco

    The only thing between me and a train wreck is blind luck..... - Kenny