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  • George Washington's Porter (All Grain, AG) Started by jlw
    BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout - Recipe: George Washington's Porter Brewer: George Washington Asst Brewer: Style: Robust Porter TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0) Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil ...
    20 comments Most recent by JerryMarch 2014Porter
  • Black Bear Porter (AG) Started by TomoLiver
    Burly Bear BrewingBlack Bear PorterOG: 1.057FG:   1.014ABV: 5.7%IBU: 31SRM: 26Mash Temp: 154 Degrees FYeast:  Wyeast 1056 Slurry (House Yeast)Recipe Calculated at 75% Efficiency for ...
    10 comments Most recent by scoobAugust 2013Porter
  • Olde Stump Blower, Robust Porter Started by ceannt
    I have been dissapointed in the past with my Robust Porters.... I would put my Brown Porter up against any, ...
    Answered ✓ 17 comments Most recent by ceanntJuly 2013Porter
  • Cow Pie Porter Started by BenS
    Last min porter I decided to brew tonight. Left work 30 min early, stopped at the lhbs to get specialty ...
    8 comments Most recent by BenSMarch 2013Porter
  • Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Clone Started by C_B
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Troeg's Mad Elf Clone Recipe (PM). Oh and I'd be interested in your ...
    13 comments Most recent by C_BJanuary 2013Porter
  • Evan_B's Smoked Porter Started by C_B This discussion was created from comments split from: What is the next brew on your list?.
    18 comments Most recent by ThymJanuary 2013Porter
  • “Ex Inferis” Baltic Porter Specialty Beer Started by ceannt
    Number 3 in the “Trilogy of Darkness” series. A former co-worker gave me a challenge… to brew three beers with the ...
    32 comments Most recent by ThymJanuary 2013Porter
  • Chocolate Peppermint Baltic Porter Started by jlw
    I can't take full credit for this recipe I modified some things from the original. BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout - Recipe: ...
    8 comments Most recent by scoobSeptember 2012Porter
  • Olde Blind Sow Brown Porter Started by ceannt
    Olde Blind Sow: (Original Gravity) O.G. = 1.057 (Final Gravity) F.G. = 1.014 (Bitterness) IBU = 28 (Color) SRM = 23 (Alcohol) APV = 5.5% Calories per 12-oz bottle =184 for a five gallon ...
    11 comments Most recent by ceanntApril 2012Porter
  • Molasses Porter Started by Lothos
    Recipe Type Extract Batch Size 5 gal Volume Boiled 5.25 gal Mash Efficiency 72 % Total Grain/Extract 6.32 lbs Total Hops 3.0 oz 0.50 lbs Crystal ...
    1 comment Started by LothosMarch 2012Porter