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  • C_B October 2012
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  • ThymThym
    Posts: 106,502
    Now's the time! Make your plans for  Learn to Homebrew Day, November 3. If you're handy with a hydrometer, organize an event to introduce friends and family to the hobby. If you're not so sure whether you can sparge a taphandle or pitch a hop bag, then find an event near you to learn more! If you host a brew event—it can be big or small—register online. This celebration was established in 1999 by the AHA to encourage people to homebrew. Events around the world are set up to teach friends and family how to make beer.

    If you would like to host an event in your area please let me know! - Lakewood
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  • C_BC_B
    Posts: 79,017
    This is a great idea. Bummer I'm werkin' :((
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