Pabst Blue Ribbon
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    Tonight I stumbled upon a beer I was unfamiliar with. A brewery known as Pabst offering a "Blue Ribbon" beer was too tempting for me to pass up. Apparently, this beer was selected as "America's Best" in 1844.

    Appearance: Golden, crystal clear, good head that quickly dissipates.

    Aroma: Light and crisp. There is definite corn aromas, but not off-putting

    Taste: While there is some definite corn taste, I can detect a toasted flavor from the malt, along with a surprising (although subtle) fruitiness reminiscent of bananas. This is a different fruitiness than what one would experience from a warm-fermented ale. It is much more crisp.

    Drinkability: Very drinkable. I was able to quaff 6 of them from the beer-bong without stopping to breathe.

    Overall impression: Crisp, clean, and easy to quaff. For the style of Light Lager (what other style is there?), I would give it a 4.7 out of 5.0.

    I took a short one a couple hours ago. It was nice. --

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    This is good. I should try this beer again.
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    this is by far the most thought out and complete tasting review we've had on this site... somewhat disconcerting.
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    PBR? I love this beer!
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    I just spilled coffee on my keyboard ..
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    curly you so crazy.

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    One of the most popular styles, yet so little talk about it. I wish some "craft breweries" did some light lagers. A 8% lager with lots of corn is damn good, yet hard to find... in fact I've only had one because I brewed it.
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