Crunchy baked chicken.
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    Here's an incredibly simple dish that's delicious and easy on the waistline.

    Beat an egg or two and toss some chicken strips (i use chicken tenderloins) until they're nicely coated. then mix in some flour until you have a thick batter. You can add seasoning to the flour if you like, omit it if you don't. I use preseasoned chicken batter mix because I have it, so why not use it. You want it thin enough not to clump up, but thick enough to grip the breading. For the crunchy 'breading' crush some corn flakes and coat the chicken with it. I like to sprinkle a little crushed chiles/garlic salt/pepper/whatever. Now toss em in the oven @325-350F for about 20 minutes or until cooked through. You can spray em with a little olive oil to get it extra crispy, but they're just as tasty without.

    There ya go, healthy and delicious.

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    My wife does a similar thing with full chicken breasts. Delicious but not a crispy as I expect these to be... Looks dericious.
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