JLWs Wee Heavy tasting.
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    Ok, first thoughts on the wee heavy, need to revisit in a week or so of settling:

    JLW's wee heavy.

    heavy malty nose, with hints of raisin and marmalade, some alcohol noted in aroma as it warms
    No hint of hops

    Inviting leather brown in appearance, head quickly subsided and when swirled in a snifter there was some subtle legs to the beer hinting at a higher alcohol level than might be expected in a typical wee heavy, small bubbles rise in the glass in streams

    Flavor: the first sip is dominated by caramel and malt flavors, followed quickly by dried fruit notably raisin and prune. The finish is a lingering sweetness along with a nice alcohol warmth that reminds me of a nice port wine.

    Full bodied and chewy, no hot alcohol burn noted at serving temp of 58 degrees.
    Lingering sweetness with a dryness that almost verges on tartness. This I attribute to hops bittering, and dark roasted malts. Nice moderate carbonation that is between an English ale and an American amber.

    Overall impression:
    Dessert like in its mouthfeel and sweetness, a big chewy malt bomb that is quite pleasing to just sip..... something I would enjoy with a bold cigar after a hard day,
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