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  • C_BC_B
    Posts: 79,017
    Great beer all around. It's an IPA but with a Belgiany twist. Very hoppy in aroma and taste. Not too bitter for a malt man like myself. But what seals the deal is a decisively dirty Belgian finish.

    "On it. I hate software." ~Cpt Snarklepants
  • ThymThym
    Posts: 106,550
    this sounds good. i hear old man ceannt even likes this stuff. i'm going to be on the lookout for it to be sure.
    The only thing between me and a train wreck is blind luck..... - Kenny
  • C_BC_B
    Posts: 79,017
    If Kent likes it as an IPA....

    But really it's a solid IPA without whatever yeast they use. You could probably take this exact recipe and toss in S-04 or S-05 and have a (good) run of the mill IPA.

    In my mind (mostly wrong) the Belgian twist really does it.
    "On it. I hate software." ~Cpt Snarklepants
  • jlwjlw
    Posts: 16,449
    I like this beer as an IPA. I thin CB says its not hop bomb but tasty nonetheless.
  • ceanntceannt
    Posts: 49,681
    I do like this stuff ......
    Has a good balance .. enough malt "guts" to back up the hops and the Belgian yeast is delightful
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