Hello from the UK
  • Hi, I'm an extract brewer (at the moment) in the UK, right in the heart of the home of English ale in Kent. I hope to have some riveting discussions about my lack of teeth, strange accent and weird units of volume.
  • ThymThym
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    Welcome BE!
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    Welcome to the forums
  • I've been wondering where you guys have been hanging out. Good to see a lot of familiar faces (avatars) in here :D
  • jlwjlw
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    Welcome! I was wondering if this site also worked in metric. :D
  • There you go. You may claim the distinction of being the first to mention it :D
  • djsethalldjsethall
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    Does this mean we have to poho in the Queen's English now?
  • It's never been an issue for you before!
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    welcome, BE. i was hoping someone would invite you.
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  • welcome, BE. i was hoping someone would invite you.

    How very kind of you to say.