Ball-Lock Quick Disconnects: Exploded View
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    A question recently came up in another thread about how a quick disconnect was to be reassembled. I figure that the best method would be to have an illustrated guide. Here's an exploded view of the liquid disconnect. The gas disconnect will follow shortly.


    From left to right: Disconnect housing, valve "disc", spring, o-ring, top.

    When reassembling, it is important to remember two things.

    1) The valve "disc" should be inserted with the short end first. You can also remember this by making sure the integral gasket is facing down.

    2) The o-ring is essential to ensuring that the disconnect doesn't leak. Often when disassembled, the o-ring is stuck to the top of the disconnect so that it is not obvious that it even exists. If this falls off while sanitizing or cleaning and you don't realize it, you will be unpleasantly surprised when attaching it to your keg.
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    Nice write up