Basketball Post Three-Tier Setup
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    Back in March of 2011, I decided to make the switch to All-Grain. Up until then, I had made extract batches using the partial boil method. After 10+ years of brewing, I felt it was time to take the next step. The first thing I decided was to utilize a three-tier system for brewing since I didn't want to go all out with pumps and all that stuff just yet. I realized that I could utilize the basketball post in my driveway as a kind of permanent stand for the system.

    The basketball post is 4" x 4" tube steel and, as I later found out while drilling holes through it, completely filled with concrete. I measured everything out such that I can utilize a 3 keggle setup if need be, however I currently use a Coleman Xtreme 70 qt. cooler for my MLT.

    I drilled two holes through the basketball post and also drilled corresponding holes through my HLT and BK. These holes were slightly bigger than 1/2" in diameter since I decided to use 1/2" SS bolts to hold the kegs to the basketball post. I ran some rough numbers and the bolts are capable of holding ~8,000 lbs. in shear, so a full keggle will be no problem.

    That being said, the biggest problem I had to face design-wise was how to mount the burners. I didn't want to fabricate something to hang off of the basketball post, so I decided to hang them off of the bottom of the kegs. I was able to find 25' of 1/8" wire rope on Amazon for $0.85 so I went with it.

    I cut 2' sections of the wire rope and clamped them together into loops. I added large washers to the burners mounting locations to allow for a place for the wire rope to hook onto.

    Here's an image of the proof-of-concept test with the keg hanging from an I-beam in my basement:


    Closeup of the burner configuration:


    Finally, here are a couple of pictures of the completed system during my first all-grain brew day.


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    this is really pretty damn ingenious. hanging the burners from the kettles is just frickin awesome. you completely broke down the mental barrier between structural support and liquor vessel. The vessel is the structure. i love it.
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    Super. Genius.
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