Pellet hops vs whole hops amounts
  • C_BC_B
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    When figuring recipes and such is there an easy conversion? 1oz=1oz or 2:1 or whatever?
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  • BenvarineBenvarine
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    1 oz = 1 oz on a homebrew scale unless you really ramp up to a commercial basis, then there is a difference. I think you add more leaf to make up the difference.
  • scoobscoob
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    I use the AA% to calculate the hop additions, but as far as pellet vs leaf, they are both dried, so the weight should be comparable one or the other, pellet looks less impressive when an oz of pellet is like a tablespoon worth, where an oz of leaf is like a full sandwich bag worth.
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  • frydogbrewsfrydogbrews
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    its a surface area thing.

    so, you need roughly 20% more whole leaf hops than pellets. the reason being that the pellets are finely chopped, so they have more surface area once dissolved in the wort.

    i only use whole leaf, but now that i am using hop boiling bags, i may be changing back....we'll see.

    i think i will still always use whole hops for dry hopping though
  • J_ReeJ_Ree
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    What Fry said. I like whole leaf better myself too, but pellets are more effective for AA's.

    Chopping up you're whole leave may help, but the pellets are also better at holding there yummy chemicals in, so they loose flavor slower.
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  • ceanntceannt
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    an ounce is an ounce..... however,

    pellet hops give 25% more utilization of alpha acids...
    so when calculating IBUs... muliply the utilization of pellet hops by 1.25
    (pellet hops are cheaper accordingly for bittering additions)

    for late additions, they are pretty much the same for aroma and flavor, with whole hops being far better for dry hopping.

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