Tap/Faucet Preference?
  • I'm curious to here if whether you guys:
    a) have used either/both of these taps
    b) have a preference on either one

    We get questions about these two Perlick faucets all the time, but until we add reviews to our site, all we really have to go by is what our experiences are and what our customers tell us. The two faucets in question are the Perlick 525SS and the Perlick 575SS
  • scoobscoob
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    I have three of the 525ss faucets and absolutely love them! No more sticking taps, easy to clean, and dead sexy to look at.

    I have no experience with the creamer version, I had planned to get one but that would limit the tap locations, if I wanted a stout on tap I would have to jockey the kegs around so it was on the creamer faucet, then I thought I might want a milk stout on tap alongside a porter, should I buy all creamer taps so I'm covered?

    Then I learned that if I just cracked the standard perlick open, I was able to get a nice creamy head without a special tap at all. Cracking the tap on a lightly carbed ordinary bitter gives a nice light head as if it were cask drawn through a sparkler with a beer engine.

    I was also concerned that sealing might be a problem with the push pull creamer design as opposed to the seal I get on the o-ring in the standard design perlick
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