counterflow chiller
  • BenvarineBenvarine
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    I have researched counterflow chillers, especially home builds, seems easy. Also a user build in-line thermometer, also seems easy. My question is on using it. Does it cool the wort enough to drain from kettle to ferm bucket in one shot? Can you turn on water, open valve for beer to begin draining and see the temp. at the range you need for pitching? Is it that easy? Do you slow the rate of flow if the temp is too warm? We have pretty cool water here, so that should help. I understand there will probably be some trial and error. Anyone with experience?
  • jlwjlw
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    My friend built one and he goes from kettle to fermentor. He adjusts the amount of water in to adjust the temp of the beer going to the fermentor. Once he is done transferring he is at pitching temp. It works pretty slick.
  • ThymThym
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    I use a pump and recirculate the wort through it, it cools to whole batch down faster that way. But you could go single shot too. Adjust water and wort flow rates to get the temp you need. Integral thermometer is pretty handy.
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