Lost Love IPA
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    Lost Love IPA
    OG 1.071
    FG 1.016
    IBU 63
    Yeast: WLP001

    7 lbs MO
    4 lbs 2 Row
    12 oz Vienna
    8 oz Victory
    8 oz Wheat
    4oz Crystal 60
    2 oz Crystal 120

    Proportionally adjusted to get the 1.071OG
    Adjust hops proportionally for the 63IBU.

    Hop schedule is this-

    Time Grams Ounces AA% IBU
    60 28.3 1.00 11.6 = 27.4 Magnum

    30 28.5 1.00 6.4 = 11.6 cascade
    20 28.5 1.00 12.8 = 18.3 columbus
    15 28.5 1.00 6.4 = 8.0 cascade
    5 28.5 1.00 12.8 = 3 columbus
    0.1 28.5 1.00 6.4 = 0.0 Cascade

    Dry Hop 2oz Cascade whole leaf x7days.

    This is the first recipe I've posted so bear with me if I've made any mistakes.

    Just tasted the first of these after bottle carbing for 2 weeks and cold crashing in the fridge for a few hours. It was delicious, and it should only get better with time.

    I'll post some tasting notes when I have a bottle of this handy. I remember it is very floral as you would expect from the cascade and colombus. It has medium to light body and is quite crisp. All in all a very balanced beer. My friends loved it as well as I. They said it was better than many commercial IPAs. The color isn't as dark as I expected with the MO and dark crystals, but its hard to judge since it hasn't cleared up completely yet. I'll post a pic after one sits in the fridge for a while.

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    A big thanks to the TKT for helping with this recipe.
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    this should probably be in beer recipes eh?
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    Benvarine said:


    this should probably be in beer recipes eh?

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    sounds good.... what kind of mash schedule????
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    ceannt said:

    sounds good.... what kind of mash schedule????

    152-154. You might leave out some of the wheat. Seems to be making it somewhat cloudy. Tasty though.