scooping up trub and pitching it
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    so, if the fates align properly and i am brewing on the same day i am kegging or moving something out of primary (rare) i have been known to just scoop a pint glass down into the trub and dump that into cooled wort.

    it always starts fermenting within 4 hours, but usually within 2. one time i planned it all out and did this five times in a row. i know that might be a little risky with mutations and all.

    but if you only do this once or twice, what's the big problem? i have proper sanitation and have never had a beer get infected. every beer i have done this with has turned out great.
    i know how to wash yeast, etc....but this is much easier, so why not do it?
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    Well there is some other junk in trub you don't really want to add to your next beer, but as long as your not just dumping it all of it into your next beer it doesn't matter much. Washing is great for storage, or if you want to use all of the yeast cake in your next brew.
    In short: I see no problems with using this method for a few generations.
    If you want to get complicated you could scoop a little for your next brew and wash the rest for brews to come.
    Doing for too many generation can be a problem as the yeast will change little by little over time (though, maybe in a good way).
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