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  • Russian Imperial Stout Recipe Started by jlw
    This beer is intended for winter 2013 consumption. I might use it as a Christmas beer or beer for gifts. ...
    68 comments Most recent by jlwNovember 2013Design Tips
  • Stone – Imperial Russian Stout Clone (All Grain) Started by jlw
    I am going to brew this beer this weekend for consumption in Winter 2012/2013. I plan on splitting the batch ...
    16 comments Most recent by jlwSeptember 2013Stout
  • My Imperial Stout Started by Lothos
    My Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout Author: Lothos Size: 6.50 gal Efficiency: 82.0% Attenuation: 75.0% Calories: 285.52 kcal per 12.0 fl oz Original Gravity: 1.085 (1.075 - ...
    11 comments Most recent by ThymJanuary 2012Stout