how i messed up everything
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    this was many moons ago, but i still have several bottles of it. they are in a stash labeled undrinkable. not because they are special, mainly because they are terrible.

    so i bought a beer kit. i had been making wine and that was easy, so why not make some beer. i go over to my buddies house and we went into his professional winery to brew the beer. first, i used this really crappy electric stove, that really couldn't get things much to a boil. i was using an extract kit for an Alt, which at the time i had no clue what an Alt was.
    still don't know how long we boiled it, but much longer than an hour because it wasn't really boiling in the first place.
    **let's not forget i was crazy hungry and drunk while all this was going down**
    so we decide it has boiled long enough so i dump some more water into the 15 gallon pot to bring up to what i think 5 gallons is. and then my buddy says "i think we are supposed to cool it fast". i decide setting the whole damn pot in the little spring fed creek woudl cool it pretty quick, so we put it in there and i didn't put the lid on, because hey, i wanted the heat to escape. then we went to eat.
    maybe two hours later we remembered that there was a big kettle sitting in a creek down past the house and we shoudl probably get it. so we grabbed it, dumped it into the bucket, sprinkled in the muntons yeast that came with the kit and put an airlock on it and left it in the back of the winery. this is late febuary, that part of the winery was maybe 45 degrees. left it there for maybe three weeks until i decided i wanted to bottle it. once bottled and carbed, it tasted burnt, super super sweet, and kind of like tree bark. in short, awful. still not entirely certain what gave it those flavors, i know some things fell into it when it was cooling in the creek, that might have had something to do with it....also a two hour "boil" just may have had some detrimental effects.

    actually read just a little bit the week after this and then brewed an irish red. turned out great. haven't stopped since.
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    It's amazing how so often our first batch is awful, yet we still get "bitten" to keep going. Awesome story!

    I took a short one a couple hours ago. It was nice. --